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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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bernardino... where a u-p-s facility has been evacuated after employees nd a a developing story in san bernardino where a u.p.s. facility has been evacuated after employees find a package linked to the gunmen behind the mass shooting in that city. i'm jessica aguirre. a tense situation at that center. we have live coverage from san bernardino tonight. we go to raj mathai who was at
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that u.p.s. center. >> it has been a tense night an emotional week. here is what is happening. for most of this night this center was evacuated, completely shut down. about 15 minutes ago the all clear was gimp after a suspicious package, you can see literally hundreds of u.p.s. trucks making their way back into the packaging center here in san bernardino. this place was shut down and it gives you an idea how on edge everyone down here is in southern california. a u.p.s. driver had a package addressed to that town home in redlands. the driver said i'm going to bring it back to the center and told the supervisors and immediately this center was shutdown and evacuated. the fbi was here and authorities evacuated this place. the bomb squad was called in. by 15 or 20 minutes ago, the center was reopened.
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the package was not deemed suspicious and it is now business as usual. we are getting our first look at the wife, tashfeen malik, 27 yea years old. she did indeed pledge allegiance to isis on her facebook account on the day of her attack. and perhaps you have seen this already today, a bizarre chain of events at the couple's home. the landlord allowed the media inside. the fbi gave the all clear, turned it over back to the landlord and he allowed everyone inside. there were i.d. documents, bank statements, a home computer without the hard drive and a crib. the couple had a 6-month-old daughter who is now in the care of the extended family. everyone we have spoken with here in southern california related to the couple said they are shocked and had no idea the couple was -- could carry out
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such a gruesome attack. the fbi is investigating this as a terror investigation. let's bring in cheryl hurd. she is here in san bernardino. you have a compelling and revealing interview from the sister of the suspect. >> reporter: that's right. we are live near the county building where this horrific crime took place. as you can see the memorial is growing where people are coming all through the night to pay their respects. as they do that, the sister of one of the shooters is speaking out. >> i have absolutely no idea they were involved in anything like that or that they were even capable of doing something like that. >> reporter: she seemed open and honest as she answered questions about her brother, syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik. >> we didn't have much in common. >> reporter: malik was born in
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pakistan and her family moved to saudi arabia when she was a child. she lived there most of her life. farook's sister says her brother seemed happy with her. but she had not been acquainted with her new sister-in-law. there was a language barrier. she says her brother was tough to figure out. >> he was always quiet. kept to himself. smiled occasionally hear and there. it's hard to guess what a person is thinking. >> reporter: when asked if her brother owned a gun she knew of one in a locked box. all of this just doesn't make sense. >> when something like this happens there is a backlash that happens on all muslims. i just want to say not all of us are like this. we're not all, you know, terrorists. >> reporter: kahn said tonight
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if she had one wish it would be to ask her brother what happened. she also says that she worries very much about her young niece and her mother. raj, back to you. >> thank you. and also tonight we spent time with syed farook's religious brothers, the men who went to the same mosque with him. we were at the mosque earlier today. but tonight they told us interesting stories about their religious brother they said something stood out to them about a month ago after that plane went down in egypt, that bomb exploded, that you were talking to syed farook and he had no expression on his face. he did not say he supported isis or say he was against isis. in hindsight they are questioning the conversations. but looking forward, these young men are really worried about the backlash after this recent attack. >> there is some agree of fear. you know, more than there was
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three days ago. especially i dress like this and go to university. >> people blame my religion when islam is the total opposite. islam is about saving life, not taking away life. >> reporter: so difficult for the muslims in southern california and the bay area. you can recall after the september 11th attacks there was resentment and fear in terms of backlash against the muslim community. that's it for us here. >> thank you, raj. now the gun control debate has the new york times taking a stand today. this is very unusual. tomorrow's edition will feature an editorial on the front page. first time since 1920. this editorial calls for greater regulations on guns in the wake of the san bernardino shootings. of course we'll update the story across all our digital platforms. go to or you
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could download our free app and read more about the victims or the investigation. a 16-year-old boy crushed and killed by a tree branch in oakland tonight at 6:00 p.m. this evening just outside the children's park. the teen was climbing that branch when it broke. the teen fell to the ground and the giant branch landed on top of him. he died a short time later. there were several kids climbing the tree at the time but no one else was hurt. police are treating the death as an accident. emotions boil over at a rowdy meeting in san francisco. a community is calling for the police chief to resign after five officers shot and killed a man in the bay view on wednesday. jean elle is live in san francisco's bay view neighborhood. and that man was holding a knife next to the officer.
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>> reporter: that's true, police and witnesses say he had a knife. but dozens of people are angry about the shooting. it was caught on video and they say it does not look justified. >> look at -- please understand this. >> reporter: an angry crowd takes over a community meeting in the bay view about the deadly police shooting. >> you need to be taken out of office! >> reporter: video on social media shows five police officers firing at woods as he refuses to drop a knife. >> he was shot like he was at a firing squad. >> reporter: frank williams and his neighbors say the department needs new policy. >> i think they need to be reformed as far as the use of excessive force. i'm not saying that all police are criminals. i'm saying they are doing what they're told. >> reporter: police displayed a picture of the knife they say woods was holding. a man told sheriff's deputies that he was talking to himself,
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swinging a knife and stabbed him in the shoulder. after using bean bag rounds and pepper spray, the officers shot woods. >> all the justice for he and his family, we as a community must organize. organize, organize! >> reporter: oscar grant's uncle says the community should organize and pressure the district attorney to pursue charges. the police commissioners say they plan to review procedures. >> the escalation of force procedures. you have to. what people saw it didn't make ens. we all got to look at it. >> reporter: the police chief says as a result of this incident he contacted a police working group back east working on bringing de-escalation techniques from europe. and the investigation into the woods shooting continues. reporting live in san francisco,
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jean elle, nbc bay area news. two masked men armed with guns took over a wells fargo bank in campbell last month. this video was just released today. he jumped over the counter, one of the suspects and orders everyone down on the floor. they then order the employees to open the vault. the ordeal lasted about two minutes. no one hurt an the suspects got away in a waiting white jetta. a plane strikes an animal on the runway. and hover boards are a hot holiday item. but are they safe to put under the tree? and good evening i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking a far reaching storm system in the pacific. been found in mexico ? his
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family isn't confirming ho has a missing east bay man been found in mexico? he went missing. he has not been seen since november 24th when he disappeared from southern california. friends launched a search on social media. the lapd now says that he has been located in la paz, mexico. but posts attributed to his family are denying that claim. a dangerous situation in fremont. two police officers are exposed to toxic gasses. a container of acid started producing gases. the hazmat crews were able to stieblize the container. the exposed officers were treated and released. an unusual and dangerous
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situation on a local runway. an alaska airlines plane struck and killed a deer just as the plane came in for a landing. it happened on a flight from seattle. the tires clipped the deer midair and the antlers punctured one of the plane's tired. no one realized they hit the deer. no injuries to the passengers on board. they are hot holiday item and apparently they are getting hotter. hover boards or roller boards are one of the most popular gifts so far. but firefighters are warning of the danger not from falling but from sparking. >> reporter: while the hover boards don't hover their popularity is soaring. as fast as they are catching on, people say they are catching fire. >> i cannot believe this. >> reporter: in alabama, this
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video was posted saying his hover board burst into flames three days after he bought it. a louisiana family blames a hover board for destroying their home because it caught fire. the consumer product safety commission is investigating the claims. and this week, another instance in florida. >> crackle, popped, burst into flames. >> reporter: the device exploded in the kitchen. >> she felt it get hot and she jumped off. >> reporter: parents should only buy the boards that are ul certified. >> some of the units are not safe. and be careful what you purchase. >> you usually get ten miles of range. >> reporter: this man sells a model of the hover boards. he says the cheaper the board is higher the risk. 80% of the weight is the battery. >> the way they are
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manufacturers plays a role. >> reporter: the quality of the hover board and the battery is key. and you should do your research before buying one. >> these all look the same. what is inside, the battery and motor and sensors are all different. >> reporter: expect to pay $400, test one out and ask questions before buying one or before putting it under the tree. ian cull, nbc bay area news. a coordinated effort. police say at least seven men rushed into this apple store and stole several iphones and ipads. the thieves cut security cords attached to the products and took off. the berkeley store has seen its fair share of robberies. last year a thief drove a car through the front door. and the store was robbed twice last month. another package thief is
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making the rounds in the south bay. he was caught on camera. this is surveillance video capturing the thief in sunnyvale yesterday. the car pulls into the driveway. the gets out and grabs the package and he comes back to steal a couple of oranges as well. if you recognize the guy or his oranges, call the sunnyvale police department. jeff, end of the week, what kind of weekend can we expect? >> we are going to see drastic changes coming our way from what we experienced today starting on saturday with increased cloud cover. mostly cloudy on saturday to partly sunny and a cold start. 37 in the north bay, san francisco at 47 and for the south bay beginning with 42. the increased cloud cover coming from this far-reaching storm system in the pacific. check out how massive it is, stretching 1,000 miles out here in the pacific.
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the center of the low pressure is heading up into canada bringing 2 to 5 inches there and also to washington and oregon. we get the bottom edge pushing across the bay area. we have boosted the rainfall potential for the bay area. let's take you to the time line. you can see just how cloudy it's going to be by 3:30 in the afternoon on saturday. in fact this forecast model showing no sun by the afternoon hours from the north bay all the way down to the south bay. the rain, when does it arrive? early on sunday. there is a give and take of about three to four hours on the time line but it's a general idea of when we can expect this to move in. 4:00 on sunday morning in marin, napa and santa rosa and san francisco. then as we head through the early, early morning hours for contra costa and alameda county the rainfall is heavy.
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in the south bay it starts to break up. i think we get rain in san jose but not as much as we'll get across the north bay. here's how things plan out right now on this storm system. .1 to .5 inch expected. the higher potential of .5 inch up in the north bay. arrives in the morning on sunday. sierra is going to be slick. maybe chain requirements in effect but only 1 to 4 inches of snowfall. not a supersnow maker but enough to add something this weekend. let's look at the forecast on saturday. not really too much of a difference no matter where you are headed. san jose, 59 degrees and mostly cloudy skies. in the peninsula, same thing for pacifica and palo alto, 62. in san francisco union scare, christmas shopping, aldegrees in the financial district. and similar conditions in the mission with 59. north bay, east bay and the
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tri-valley not much of a difference. in the tri-valley and wine country, 60 in santa rosa and 57 at the shops in mill valley. once again this weekend, saturday clouds increase. the rainfall arrives as we head throughout sunday. we'll gradually get temperatures warming up by monday's forecast. the storm system on sunday, is it related to el nino? we don't think so at this point. those will be here in january, february and march. highest risk of the storms in southern california, but check this out, 50 to 59% chance of above average rain with the el nino storms during the first part of the year. >> we can use it. that's for sure. thank you, jeff. perfect night for this. let there be light. santa clara lighting the christmas tree tonight. hundreds came out to kick off
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the holiday season. they also broke in that outdoor ice revenue. the event was special because it is the unit down to the super bowl 50 at levi's stadium. they are emceeing the outdoor extravaganza along with santa claus. still ahead, mark zuckerberg pledges to donate most of his wealth to charity. why is he being criticized? we have eva longoria and thank you notes. it's a great show. facebook founder "mark
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zuckerberg" is on the defensive tonight. this comes after critics
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questioned the way he and his wife are donating their mark zuckerberg is on the defensive tonight after critics questioned the way he and his wife are donating their fortune. they are donating 99% of their facebook stock. they set up a limited liability company instead of a non-profit. he says it gives them flexibility on how to spend the money. but critics believe they can profit from it. the chipotle e. coli outbreak is growing. people if three more states say they got sick from the food. the cases in illinois, maryland, and pennsylvania. that brings the total number of states in the outbreaks to nine. the question is still what is making people sick. the company says it will overhaul the food safety procedures. the outbreak is taking a bite out of chipotle's bottom line.
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the giants lose out on another top star. we'll tell you who it is. sports is next. good evening.... geraud moncure'
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here in the comcast sportsnet studios. the shocker of baseball free- agency this off-season... good evening. geraud moncure here in the comcast sports net studios. the shocker of the off season take place before the winter meeting gets started. zack greinke bypassed the giants and dodgers agreeing to terms on a six year deal with the arizona diamondbacks today according to several reports. the 32-year-old collecting $34.42 million a season. that is a new major league baseball record. >> no, i don't have any only in. don't have any comment, don't have anything. i don't -- you didn't tell me if that is rumor or fact. it's an article or something. so i don't have any clue. >> you can say plenty of confusion in santa clara concerning team president in his
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reassignment within the organization. he is going to remain as the chief contract negotiator as jed york said this is not a demotion and unrelated to the 49ers poor performance on the field this year. to the ice. sharks back on the road skating against anaheim. in the third period, santarelli taking advantage of the opportunity. that score would hold. final seconds here. dylan with a good look but a better save. pick it up his second shutout of the year. prep football. the open division one title. second quarter, chavez shelling out sweet moves, losing the defense and the camera. touchdown, trojans. on to the fourth, bellerman
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leading and adding on. the qb draw, 32 yards to the house. the belles win it. and finally, barry bonds, his journey now takes him on to the miami marlins. he is the new hitting coach and today talked about the move on a conference call saying, quote, i want to let everyone in san francisco know i love them a lot but this is the opportunity that came up for me. that's it for sports. have a great weekend. more news after the break.
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just in tomb for sunday you will be so proud of me i have new umbrellas. >> you are good to go. you have to get up from 4:00 to 7:00 to use them. >> maybe not this weekend. >> tomorrow's forecast, cloud
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cover moves in. mostly cloudy to partly sunny, temps in the upper 50s. 6:30 will be the worst of it. the storm breaks up at san jose and sunday afternoon a few spotty showers left. a half inch in the north bay but in the south bay .1 inch. next thursday another stronger storm and foot of sierra snow. >> that's the umbrella day. have a great night. see you next week. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sting and mylene farmer. eva longoria. and fe


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